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The report of the Slovenian students


After we had arrived to Romania we met our host family. They were very nice to us. In my family there were 4 members. I liked them very much. Next day we went to school where we attended some workshops. I went to “friendly science” and “water and colours”. After workshops we went home through the centre of the town Sibiu. On Friday we stayed at lessons with our hosts. I can say that they have older school than us and the furniture too. They wear uniforms (purple shirts with the school mark and a tie). We also visit 4 museums. One was a kind of science museum. The second museum was about old pharmacy. The third was air museum and the last one was a technical museum. We also visited an old church. We also visited the hill on which they forecast the weather, the measured temperature, rainfall and the solar power. About Romania, I was thinking as a poor country. But, when we came across the border, I was pleasantly surprised. They accepted me in a very beautiful and modern equipped home. In Romania I specifically like, that the people are very relaxed and friendly to each other. I hope that I will get another opportunity to visit Romania again.



On Tuesday we went to Romania. After a long way we came in Budapest. Next day we came in Sibiu. There we met with host families. We went to their homes.

On Thursday we had workshops in school. I was in a workshop Spectra and Magic and About life. In the first workshop we watched a rainbow, how colours are mixed. Primary colours were transformed into black and primary lights into white. Then we looked how to fly with the help of a mirror. That workshop was really interesting. In the next workshop we saw how to make bubbles by plant (in water on sun light). It was boring, because we were watching the same plant for all hour.

Next we visited an animal and pharmacy museum. The animal museum was interesting. Pharmacy museum was not interesting because we could see only a few knives, medicaments and scales. After that we had a short tour around city.

On Friday we had school. After school we visited a museum of old houses and mills. After this we had to draw a mill or a house in pairs.

On Saturday we visited a meteorology station, hydroelectric power station, and had a picnic. In the meteorology station we saw how they measured weather. The most unusual thing for me was how they measured solar power.

In hydroelectric power station we saw a small museum and turbines.

In the old church it was the most interesting secret room, which was discovered when the church was burnt. The part of this treasure was used to rebuild the church.

On Sunday we had a long way back to Slovenia.

The school was old and big. A yard was damaged, but a small shop was unusual. They buy candies and snacks there.

Romania is really interesting to me. And cities are not as poor as the Slovenians think.



On Tuesday we went to Romania. To Romania we travelled two days. The people are very nice and friendly. On Thursday we were at 8 o’clock at school and we had workshops. The first workshop was Astronomy for Kids. We did our solar system. The second workshop was Plants and their Life. We talked about photosynthesis. Then we went home and we ate lunch. After lunch we went back to school and we visited two museums. Then we went back home and ate dinner and then we had free time, so we were doing different things. Next day, on Friday, we were at our hosts classes. They were all very friendly and when the lessons were going on they were all very quiet. After their lessons we went home and ate lunch. At 16.30 we visited Ethno-Techno Park and when we finished our view we drew posters with our partners. In the evening there was a concert and show, so we went there and it was amazing. At midnight there was a beautiful firework. On Saturday we had a trip. We went to the factory of glass and we could buy some things. Then we went to weather data collection. After that we had a picnic and then we went to the museum of energy”Sigmund Dachler”. After that we had a dinner with our teachers. Next day we went home.



Impressions from Romania

On Tuesday afternoon, we went by estate car to Romania. I did not know what to expect. On back sits was soon really hot. After some stops we came to Budapest. Next day it became hot again on back sits. When we came to Sibiu, I went with my host and his parents to his house. He took me to tour around his house. It was really nice. That day I went to bed soon, because next day there were workshops in his school.

School was bigger and older as I thought. It has about 700 children. The first workshop was for me a little boring, but I could check Emails and Facebook. The second workshop was much more interesting. We made casts from plaster, and painting on spoons. After lunch we visited a museum of medicine and animals. It was boring because those things don’t interest me. After that, I, my host and his friends took a tour around the city. I came home very sleepy.

On Friday I was at lessons of 7a class. Students are really kind.

After school we went to Andy’s grandma, who cooked delicious lunch. In the afternoon we visited a museum of old mills and houses. Then we had to draw one. By bus we went to the city where was a concert at 21:00. I was happy because we left before, because the music was really loud.

On Saturday we visited a meteorology station, a hydroelectric power station, for me unusual old counters and Francis turbine. In a glass museum we saw how they made things from glass. We saw an old Church, her walls and secret room. Than we had a picnic. There we played football/ soccer, basketball (in pool) and volleyball.

My thinking about Romanians has changed. Most of them are like we are.


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