(Meldrum - Scotland)


Meldrum School , Aberdeenshire, SCOTLAND

Meldrum School is a large rural primary serving a rapidly growing village population of increasingly mixed social and economic backgrounds. As a consequence, the ‘character’ of the school is changing from a traditional village school to that of a city school. The school has a dedicated Special Needs Base which caters for up to 30 pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorder/moderate learning difficulties. Meaningful inclusion and integration of all our pupils lies at the heart of our curriculum and practice. We see European partnership activities as key to the embedding of international education and global citizenship within our curriculum. We believe that a European/International Dimension will enhance school ethos – fostering positive attitudes, values and mutual respect; helping to develop the quality of learning and teaching for both children and staff, and encouraging closer parental involvement in all aspects of children’s learning and in the life of the school. We believe that an international dimension will enhance the children’s motivation for learning and provide a genuine and meaningful focus for the development of skills. As with all partner schools in the project, we will play an equal part in the development of all project activities and mobilities; and are committed to ensuring that all learners (pupils, staff and parents) are given maximum opportunity to participate in all aspects of the project. As the coordinating school in a previous Comenius project (Puzzled Europe - 2007-2009), we have agreed to lead our project partners in the joint completion of all relevant documentation e.g. partnership proposals, minutes of project meetings, interim and end of project reporting etc.


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