(Meldrum - Scotland)



Our school receives pupils from 3 to 12 years of age from a neighbourhood consisting of families that work mostly in industry or in public services. The age range of our parents is from 30 – 45. About 60% of families come from a rural area. We have many pupils belonging to minority groups such as gypsies and migrants. We also have pupils with special needs.

The participation of our school in an earlier project with the group that integrates this new project encourages us to continue this European projection of our school. Morover the previous European experience was valued by the entire school community -parents, students and teachers- with a very high degree of satisfaction.

The obligation to use new technology and foreign languages in real situations is an added value for these kind of projects, which fits well with the innovative nature of our school.

Knowledge of other cultures that are part of Europe remains a very important goal for our school, especially when it is based on knowledge sharing and ways of working of the various schools in different countries, something essential to a bilingual school as ours is.


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