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Rapport de la Slovénie


A visit in Scotland

When the plane landed our Scottish parents of my friend Kieran Shanks came to pick me up. It was six o’clock p.m. when we arrived to their home. We had dinner which was very delicious. Then he showed me the rooms in the house. His room was small and it had red walls.

The next morning we had cereals with milk for breakfast. After that we walked to school. We were standing in front of the school when the bell rang. They all made four lines and they went peacefully inside. In that moment I noticed the dissimilarity which was taken a big impression on me. I hardly believed that was all pupils completely quiet and I like this very much. There is another big difference compared to our school. All pupils were dressed in red and black school uniform. On the shirt was marked the name and the logotype of their school, Meldrum School.

They don’t have any snack at school. They bring it at home. However, they have lunch at school. They always have four different menus. I chose the first one, chicken with sauce and baked potato.

I met many people and got many new friends. After school we played football. We had a great fun. The football teacher was a very interesting person. When we got home we ate and then we played Wii with Kieran.

On Friday morning was very interesting at school, because we were dancing Scottish folklore dances. In the afternoon we had a presentation at school what we did in the Comenius project.

On Saturday morning we went by bus in Aberdeen. We visit the Science Museum Satrosphere. It was a great experience. In the afternoon we played golf and we had a good pizza. We also played football. In the evening we watch TV.

On Sunday morning I could hardly said farewell to Kieran, because we become a really good friend. We promised to each other to stay on contact.

I’am glad to have this opportunity to met a lot of friends from other countries and practise my English.



A visit in Scotland

On Wednesday, 21st of September we flew to Scotland. I stayed at the Scottish family. There are three children. One of them is Eve who becomes my great friend.

On Thursday and Friday morning Eve and I went to Old Meldrum School. Before we entered in, we had to stand in a line. After that, we went in to school.

In the school it was very quiet. They dont do their homework at home, but they do it in the school. They leave books and notebooks at school. We danced Scottish folklore dances. It was very interesting.

I don’t like Scottish food very much because its so different taste on ours. On Saturday, we visited science museum in Aberdeen. We had a lot of fun there. After that when we came home, we went to Aberdeen’s hospital to visited Eves younger brother Charlie. He was ill.

After that, we visited smaller ZOO around Aberdeen. I saw many animals : ducks, llamas, donkeys, goats, birds, lizards, snakes, fishes, turtles, squirrels, parrots, hens, turkeys, rabbits, peacock, horses and sheep.

I like this trip to Scotland very much because I met new friends and also I like their school.

Only I will need some time to capture their local food.


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