(Revúca - Slovensko)


Základná škola Ivana Branislava Zocha, Revúca, SLOVENSKÁ REPUBLIKA

The school is located in a district town, although it is attended by many students from surrounding villages. It is located in a disadvantaged area for socio-economic reasons - our district is one with the highest unemployment rates, which is reflected in the school environment for students low interest, school absenteeism, inadequate parental care of children because of travelling for work abroad, etc. School is attended also by many gypsy pupils who lack any motivation to learn. The number of pupils with special needs who are integrated into our school classes and require particular approach of teacher and classmates has increased a lot.

The school focuses on drama, foreign languages and ICT skills. It is open to new experiences and knowledge. Among other schools in the city it differs with verbal assessment not marks, which is applied to all classes in the first stage.

Our previous experience with Comenius project was very good and had a strong impact on pupils and teachers. With participation in another international project we want to help other students to increase their motivation to learn not only foreign languages but also Science. We see a great sense in international cooperation among schools which leads to development of different skills of pupils. With this project we are trying to encourage pupils and increase their interest in Science, which now mostly belongs to non-popular subjects in school.

As the co-ordinating institution it will be the role of our school to ensure the smooth running of the project – that activities progress as planned, that good communication is maintained between pupils, teachers and parents, and that deadlines are met by all schools in the partnership. We will also design a Project Information Leaflet for all learners (pupils, teachers and parents) which will be sent to all partners for dissemination within their communities. With all partner schools in the project we will play an equal part in the development of all project activities and mobilities and assure that all learners (pupils, staff and parents) are given maximum opportunity to participate in all aspects of the project.


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